Condition Grading - Sewing Patterns

This page will explain how we grade our sewing patterns. 

Sewing Patterns:

The sewing patterns condition is either 'UNCUT', 'CUT' or 'Partially Cut', has instructions and the original envelope that comes with each item, unless there is an exception. Exceptions apply to rare patterns and special listings, such as in lot or bulk.

Uncut patterns -  Most uncut patterns are factory folded. Some patterns may not be factory folded but are uncut. Some uncut patterns are loose pieces, which are how they were originally manufactured by their pattern makers.

Cut patterns - Cut patterns are used patterns that have been counted for completeness.

Partially cut - Partially cut patterns are used patterns but not all pieces have been cut. Usually, the previous owner choose to only cut for a certain garment or size.

Envelope Condition: Condition for sewing pattern's envelopes varies. Since these sewing patterns have been purchased from previous owners, estate sales, store liquidations, and other sources, the patterns' envelope may have gone through multiple handling and storage. While most buyers buy sewing patterns for the contents of the package (tissue pattern and instructions) to sew the specific garment(s) and does not care for the envelope's condition, to other buyers such as collectors, the envelope's condition matters. Therefore, we have provided the following to generally describe the condition of the envelope.

New/Like New envelope - Most patterns with the New/Like New envelope condition are often purchased from stores' liquidation sales. There is very few wear with the exception of storage and handling wears. It may have previous store's stamp or price mark. The flap is not missing.

Very Good/Good envelope - The envelope in this condition is in very good or good condition. It may have tears, flap missing, writing or labels, some tanning or age-wear, and some tears may be mended by tape. Storage and handling wears may apply.

Fair/Poor envelope - Envelope may be tattered, torn, fragile, aged, tanned, has old tape marks, has labels, writing, tape-mended, and have gone through multiple storage and handling. 

Plastic sleeves - Some patterns come in their original Ziploc-like plastic bag. 

Exceptions: Some sewing patterns may not have been issued with it's original envelope, such as vintage, 'mail order' patterns. If this is the case, it will be described in the listing. Most exceptions may also apply to 'bulk' or 'lot' and rare pattern listings, which will also have the condition described in it.